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This page has just about everything you should need to get started with CP/M on the C128 and C64, or provides links to it.

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Nate's How to copy files from a C64 disk image to a CP/M disk image

Download the CP/M files that you want to transfer to CP/M disks. Use your .D64 editor of choice to copy the CP/M files onto a standard, blank .D64 image (typical Commodore format).

Now boot your C128 Vice Emulator into CP/M mode (using a standard CP/M disk of course), download the disk below and put put it into drive 9 (or B: as it were).


This holds the key to get your CP/M file on your standard CBM disk to a CP/M disk. In this disk image is a little gem called RDCBM. Using it (after a little bit of practice), you can now copy binary files from the CBM disk image to a CP/M disk image where they will be quite happy.

Just change to drive B, and execute RDCBM. This will load a menu that lets you copy files from CBM disks to CP/M disks. You'll put the regular .D64 disk containing the CP/M file in the A drive and a suggested blank CP/M disk in drive B, then choose these menu options:

First, set your drives. [S] does this. It will ask for "Letter of CBM drive: " - use A.

Next, it will ask for letter of CP/M drive; choose B.

Now it's time to copy. Select [B} Binary CBM -> CP/M Copy. You will be asked for the name of the CBM file (actually your CP/M file) and will need to type it in exactly.

You will then be asked for the CP/M File Name (Drive B): - this is the name that the file on A: will be copied to.

You'll have to copy the files one by one if you have multiple CP/M files to transfer.

Hope this helps!


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